Roast Beetroot

October 12, 2010

We harvested about 20 or more beets ~ big and small... next on the menu ~ Roast Beetroots served with roast chicken... 

Just to digress... we finally heard from Mr H Jr (who is thousands of miles away from home)...after 10 long days of 'No news means Good news' ... not directly from him .... but thru his entry in his FB!! 
  • beetroots
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • balsamic vinegar
  • chopped parsley measurements for any of the above ingredients... its up to your preference..


  1. Looks like a great way to serve with Sunday roast!

  2. If you slice them thinner, you can roast them to chips :)

  3. I love beets especially when it is roasted or juice but I never put it in cake though. You know there are some people who hates it :)

  4. Leemei,
    sedap :)

    ... that's a brilliant idea :) beets chips..

    we (minus my son) love beets.. beets juice post is coming next... :)

  5. Really enjoy beetroot and now am inspired to try roasting it...