Beetroot, Apple and Carrot Juice

October 14, 2010

Beetroot juice with apple and carrot

I have done baking, roasting and now juicing... the last of my beetroot harvest... :)

Miss E was not happy as she was rudely awakened by the sound of my juicer reverberating... one early Saturday morning.
With her eyes barely open... she walked to the kitchen and found me making beetroot juice...

Well what can I say... my juicer maybe as old as her!!! the sound can be deafening especially to the person using that dinosaur... archaic juicer!

All was forgotten, when she saw one of her favourite drinks was being prepared, so she waited patiently at the kitchen counter to have her first serve... :)

Just to digress and to share with everyone...  We were honoured to have this lovely couple... they came to have their 'quiet moment' in our front lawn...  under our magical sprinkler...

I had to sneak out quietly as not to disturb them... how I wish I had a good camera with interchageable lens ...and has many functions plus zoom....  :)

granny smiths apple
Using juicer and extract the juice... the quantity~ depending on one tastebud...
my ratio of carrot : beetroots : apple would be 1:2:4 ... yield at least 500 ml.


  1. Sounds like Miss E and I would like this juice, although I am lot older, at ripe age of 26. :-)

    I love the pictures of geese on your lawn! Yeah, I guess santa should listen to your and my want list!

  2. My favorite combination of the juice will be beets, green apple and lime. They are delicious!

  3. Pam,
    I have a long list of 'wants'... I might scare Santa off and strike me off his list.. :)

  4. ICook4Fun
    Will have to try them next time... thanks :)