Gnocchi with Basil Pesto

September 21, 2010

We had been consuming quite a fair bit of 'meat' lately... and with the recent Eid-ul-Fitr celebration... meat consumption has doubled... the celebration food has always been rich in either meat, coconut milk, ghee or sugar. 

How not to pile on kilos...sigh... we have started our  brisk walking around the suburb yesterday... oh boy!! I was huffing and puffing after 5 minutes of walking... it seems like eternity to reach home... so unfit!!! I have to persevere as not to be laughed at by Mr H Jr (cheeky person...) who thinks that my plan to have our evening brisk walking will only be a 'passing fancy'.

I take this opportunity to thank my friends (you know who you are..) who celebrated with us last Saturday with their delicious and scrumptous 'Buah Tangan'...

Its time to go back to simple food... vegetarain meal once a week. Mr H Jr will not be too happy without his meat!!
  • 500g Gnocchi - cooked as per packet instruction
  • 3 tablespoon of Leggo Traditional basil Pesto
  • salad
  • parmesan cheese

Stir in the pesto into the cooked gnocchi. Season with salt and pepper. and serve with salad.


  1. Love this simple pasta!

  2. Kas (may I call you by this name?)

    You pernah tak buat gnocchi from scratch? I pernah makan fresh ones and I suka sangat. Nak cuba buat, tapi .. sigh ..

  3. Ellie,
    especially summer is round the corner and dont feel like cooking :)

  4. somuffins,
    Call me Lisa, sebab kas tu nama kat sekolah... my sisters pun known as Kas to their friends... sebab semua nama kami start dgn Kas...

    I pernah buat gnocchi from scratch but not as smooth... and depa kat rumah banyak sangat complain... so give up... beli saja :)