Bittergourd Stir Fry

May 20, 2010

Have you tried bittergourd? Some may wonder what bittergourd is...??
Bittergourd or bitter melon is from cucurbitaceae or cucumber family... also known for its medicinal values too... for further information... check out on wikipedia.

From young... I would detest anything with 'bitter' taste... I don't like bittergourd and pomelos (it has a bitter aftertaste!!)...
My mom used to cook bittergourd as she loves anything bitter.... but I refused to even try it...
Mr H too... loves bittergourd and so is Mr H Jr..... My mom would cook Malay style: stir-fry with sweet soya sauce and pounded chillies, whilst Mr H would cook Chinese style (recipe as follows...).
Of late... I would try one or two slices... if its bitter... that's it...sayonara!! but I would still buy bittergourd if I see one... but its up to either Mr H or Mr H Jr to cook it... since I am not eating ..then I am not cooking.... :) 

  • 1 bittergourd - thinly sliced
  • 2 garlics - chopped
  • 2 eggs - lightly beaten
  • 2 tablespoon canola oil
  • salt and white pepper
  • optional: chopped up chillies
Heat the oil in a wok on high. Give a good swirl... saute garlic until golden (careful not to let it burn). Toss in the bittergourd. Keep stirring until the bittergourd is tender, add in the egg and keep stirring. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with steamed rice.


  1. Bitter gourd....I love it. My mum used to make the lunch very often. Here I can't find bitter gourd...

  2. At least someone does the cooking for you ;p

    I love bittergourd.

  3. You have picked a very nice bittergourd. So far as I know the more rugged it is, the better : ).

  4. yum, i love bittermelon! i actually make this quite a bit- such a quick and easy dinner!

  5. When I was young, I didn't like bittergourd, well cos it's bitter.. but as I grow older, i started to like it. However, it has been too long I didn't attempt this dish.. I need to find out where I can get bittergourd!

  6. Angie,
    Not too sure whether bittergourd can grow in Germany... I am growing 2 plants in my vege patch... yet to see whether they will survive Perth winter.

    Aren't I lucky?? Thx to my late Mum-in-law, her son/my husband is very hands on in the kitchen... I am training my son too...

    I was lucky to find the ruggedy ones..

    Quick and easy... I agree...

    my daughter and I ... will stay away from anything bitter... my mom used to say ... eating bitter vegetables is good for health... she's a diabetic and she controls her sugar level with the bitter herbs... :)

  7. Hi, how are you??

    Rasa bitter takat bittergourd, I really don't mind esp bila masak lemak bubuh udang besar2 + daun kunyit. Cedap!

  8. somuffins,
    We are good thank you...
    Asalkan bitter... minta ma'ap la..

  9. Yeah, my mom also says that bitter vegs are good for health... now, i need to find bittergourd... :)