September 16, 2009
We were looking through some holiday photos ...and chanced upon a photo of Pekan Rabu in Alor Setar. We were drooling over the kuihs and other goodies on display ... Mr H was saying that the only thing he missed ... would be savouring the dodol on Hari Raya!
So we started to 'Google' for the recipe... and voila!! we found one and we 'modify' the ingredients and the measurement slightly...
Verdict: Not too bad for a beginner... eventhough it took 2 hours to cook, but cooking in a non-stick pan helps heaps..otherwise somebody will wake up with a very sore arms!! And that person will not be moi!!

the big brown..gooey... blop known as Dodol

For syrup -
  • 500g dark brown sugar
  • 2 screwpine leaves
  • 125ml water
mix and boil on slow heat until slightly thickened. Leave it to cool.

The Flour mix...
  • 1 cup glutinous flour
  • 1 tablespoon rice flour
  • 400 ml coconut cream
  • 100 ml water
Mix the flour with water and coconut cream. Sieve mixture onto a non-stick pan. Add in the syrup. Keep stirring for the first half hour or until the mixture has combined and thickened. Cook on low heat and stirring periodically....The dodol is ready when the mixture is glistened ...and gooey.


  1. Your dodol looks like a huge bar of chocolate.

  2. Its Malaysian version of 'Gooey Caramel Fudge'...hahaha...