Prawn Mee?? Hokkien Mee??

July 15, 2009
Hokkien Mee for the Northerners but its Prawn Mee to the KLites and Southerners... Its just like...
you say potatoes (po-TAY-toes)
I say potatoes (po-TAH-toes)...
its the same thing!!!

No exact measurement for this Hokkien Noodle... as the recipe was handed to Mr H from his late mother, who was an excellent cook.

Chilli paste: blend some chillies, belacan, garlic, a little bit of dried shrimps. Saute the mix until oil separates...season with salt .

Soup base: Saute the prawn shells with belacan and chilli paste. Blend and strain for a few times....into a stock pot. Add yam bean or white radish and chicken frames... keep the soup boiling ... Season with salt and sugar.

Serve with yellow noodle, baby spinach or kangkung (water spinach), blanched bean sprouts, shredded chicken meat, peeled prawns and half boil egg with chilli paste on the side.....