Wonton ~ The Heavyweight Champion

March 02, 2009

Yes it is the heaviest appetiser by name (and heavy to the waistline too!)... on the contrary... it is so easy to make.
This is not my 'forte' but Mr H...He'll whip it up in no time at all...especially when we have 'Pot Luck'. The measurement will be 'agak-agak' too..
  • 300g mince chicken
  • 1 carrot - if possible dice into a 3mm cube...
  • 1 can of water chestnut (from Asian grocer or supermarket) or in KL use fresh 'water chestnuts' - dice into small size
  • another option - chinese mushroom, presoak, and dice into small size too.
  • lite soya sauce
  • white pepper
  • 1 tablespoon corn flour and another 1 teaspoon to mix with water
  • sesame oil (agak-agak... not too much)
  • salt
  • oyster sauce
  • Wonton skin from Asian Grocer..
Mix them all up in a mixing bowl. Fill up the wonton skin with 1 teaspoon of the mix. seal up the edges with the cornflour mixture (act as a sealer), and shape into an 'old Chinese gold coin' during the Emperors era.

Then deep fry until golden in colour..... Crunchy and addictive!!