'Fridge Clearing' Quick Meal

March 08, 2009
This was a 'trying to finish whats-in-the-fridge' meal. I had feta cheese, a packet of salad and fresh pasta tortellini.... and whipped them all up ....it became....pasta salad.

  • fresh tortellini ~ I used spinach and ricotta for hearty vegetarian meal.
  • 2 garlic ~ crush. I used Italian garlic for its full flavour
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 100g or less of feta
  • a premix salad in a packet
Mix garlic and olive oil in a jar, shake them well and put them aside. Cook pasta as per packet. Add in the garlic mixture and mix well. Add freshly ground pepper. Go easy on the salt as feta is salty. Add the greens... then top with feta...
For a little bit of oooomph, sprinkle chilli flake.