Microwave #1 ~ Roasting Peanuts.....

February 13, 2009
Have you tried roasting peanuts in the microwave?

Try it....It is easy and simple. What you need to do is spread the peanuts(single layer) on a microwaveable plate. Microwave for about 2 min on High (depend on the microwave capacity- some may need longer than 2 mins), stir the peanuts, if the colour is not up to your liking ie goldenish shade... then microwave again ...maybe 1 min ...and check every time - otherwise you'll end up with 'burnt black' peanuts in the middle of the plate!!...Yuck!!

Let it cool completely.... then you'll have a lovely crunchy 'roasted' peanuts...


  1. i guess this method can be applied to roast other kind of nuts such as the almonds,gajus etc

  2. Righty-ho.. all kinds but some will take longer than a couple of minutes.. trial and error. Almond is nicer eaten 'raw'.
    Kerisik pun boleh but use dried dessicated coconut from supermarket.