Lemon.....the wonderful Lemon

February 09, 2009

This is an article that I came across in the West Australian newspaper dated 27th January 2009. I do apologise for the minute print.... the gist of it:

" Lemon is acidic upon your palate, it becomes alkaline within your body. Most of the food we eat can be classified as acid forming but the lemon juice has the ability to restore some balance to your body. Avoiding acid forming foods and increasing the levels of alkaline foods will improve health, be it as diverse as fewer aches and pains, reducing asthma and eczema thru better digestive function. Lemon juice in warm water each morning is a wonderful start to long term health and vitality" -Michael Treloar ND, The West Australian.

Another use: to clean your electric kettle or your stainless steel cookware...after the lemon treatment, it'll be spotless.

How: either slice or cut up the lemon into half, boil water as usual with the lemon in it. leave it overnight. The next day reboil the water ..... voila ~clean as a whistle and it is all natural - ... Sam


  1. I wish i could have a backyard like yours to grow lemon. Anyway can't seem to find limau kasturi here that small green fragrant lime.

  2. Dont think we have limau kasturi here....only tahitian lime, which is gorgeous too,