Sambal Belacan

February 10, 2009
sambal belacan
Sambal Belacan.... is one of the "must have"s on our dinner table....the other would be sambal tumis(recipe at later stage). There is no exact measurement to this sambal belacan. I was taught by my mom to 'agak-agak' , so agak-agak it is.... sorry
  • Fresh Chillies
  • Belacan / prawn paste
  • Lime Juice or Tamarind extract
  • Salt
  • Sugar if the chillies are extremely hot
  • Blend the chillies into smooth paste
  • Add belacan, salt and lime juice or tamarind extract (sugar if required)
  • Blend again and adjust to your tastebud..


  1. I never know that we can put tamarind juice in sambal belacan. will try this one of these days. Lisa do you know how to make a good moist lasagna?

  2. It all depend on your sauces;bechamel and bolognese...will dig out the recipe from my old magazine...

  3. This is exactly what my aunt taught me. Tapi sambal belacan lg syok klu ditumbuk dgn lesung batu kn. Klu blend hancur cili sume.

    Btw utk rendang akak buat kerisik sendiri ke? Saya x reti nk buat.

  4. Farah,
    Using mortar and pestle memang best... but my batu tumbuk is too cute... hence not practical..

    To make kerisik: just use dessicated coconut (dried) from Wollies or Coles... tapi jgn beli yang low fat or light...
    Then pan fry (without oil)until golden brown (kalau sikit... just spread thinly on a plate and microwave for 1 minute then check and repeat the process if necessary)... leave it to cool n ground until naik minyak...

    Hope this helps..:)