Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

September 25, 2019

** Updated Post**

These slow cooked lamb shanks are super easy to make on stove or using a crockpot. Delicious tender lamb shanks meat that fall off the bone.

slow cooked lamb shanks on  a bed of saffron rice
I have been blogging since 2009!

10 years of blogging!

Surely there are some posts that bring smiles and some post that made me cringe, by just looking at my photos! Yikes

And this Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks is one of those photos.

Hence I decided, to re-visit some old posts starting with this post :D.

lamb cut diagram

Which part of lamb is the Shanks?

Lamb Shanks comes from the cut above knee joint and below the leg (refer to diagram above)

When you purchase lamb shanks from the butcher, it could be either fore shanks and hind shanks.

Lamb shanks can be french trimmed, and please get your butcher to do so.

French trimmed lamb shanks, is to remove small bits of meat at the tip, to make it look nice and pleasing.

Lambs shanks are not an expensive cut.

I could get a pair of shanks for $6 to $8, here in Perth!

How to cook Lamb Shanks?

Braised or Slow cook is the best option! and the only option.
Lamb shanks are taken from the lower part of the lamb leg.

Imagine all the walking the lamb did, all his/ her life, running and grazing grass?
The amount of walking and running would have toughen up the muscle around the lower leg.

Slow cooked lamb shanks until the meat fall of the bone, will add much flavour to any dish.
Furthermore, lamb shanks has a lot of collagen that will enrich and thicken the stew.

What does lamb shanks taste like?

Lamb shanks taste very 'lamb-y' or some say very gamey taste.

slow cooked lamb shanks in tomato sauce

Slow Cooking Lamb Shanks

This is my favourite go to recipe, whenever we buy lamb shanks.
My husband loves this slow cooked lamb shanks, and so do I.

 Note : the full 'Printable' recipe is at the bottom of the post.

Prep Work

1. Clean lamb shanks and coat with flour , slat and pepper.

raw lamb shanks

Add flour, salt and pepper to lamb shanks photo

lamb shanks with flour, salt and pepper photo
2. Brown lamb shanks to seal the juice.

Browning lamb shanks photo
3. Saute diced onions. Add spices. Return browned lamb shanks to pot and add diced tomatoes.

saute diced onions photo

Add cinnamon and spice photo

Add browned lamb shanks image

Add diced tomatoes to lamb shanks image
4. Pot of slow cooked lamb shanks are ready to be served

How many shanks per person?

One lamb shanks per person.
I know I showed 6 lamb shanks...

 I was cooking extra for either lunch box or for freezer!

A pot of slow cooked lamb shanks

Whats best to serve slow cooked lamb shanks with?

Some spices like cinnamon, cumin and coriander were used in braising these lamb shanks, the taste is very much like Moroccan dish. 

 And these lamb shanks has been cooking for nearly 3 hours, the meat literally falls off the bone.
The meat is soft almost melty texture.

 I love to serve my slow cooked lamb shanks with a plate of Saffron Rice.
Another favourite is to enjoy this delicious, tender and full of flavour lamb shanks with some soft rolls, bread or Lebanese bread.

Delicious, tender braised lamb shanks image

Can I freeze the leftover?

Yes definitely! 
Keep the leftover in either zip lock bag or take away container.

 Don't forget to label the bags or the container, and write the date too, before stacking them in your freezer.
Slow cooked lamb shanks can be kept for at least 3 months in the freezer.

 Don't forget to take them out and refrigerate overnight before you heat them up the next day.

Tender slow cooked  lamb shanks image

Other Lamb dishes that I have ...

Best Braised Lamb Shanks recipe by Nigella Lawson.  These slow cooked lamb shanks are super easy to make on stove or using a crockpot.


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