Orange Butter Cake

August 15, 2021

 Mouth-watering orange cake that will make you reach for the second or third slice!

 Orange Cake

Orange Cake

is one of the best citrus infused cakes that I have eaten.

I have always been a huge fan of citrus-y kind of cake. 
Tangy from citrus that combines well with sweet and buttery taste and texture of a baked cake is just superbly delicious.

What makes this Orange Cake so tasty?

Using quality ingredients in any bake will yield a good result.
With that in mind, I find success in  baking my orange cake.
My orange cake turned out soft, moist, with smaller crumbs and of course delicious!

I used President butter for this cake. 
I made my own cake flour. Plain flour or all purpose flour make the cake a little heavier.

And finally, I use bakers' baking cake golden ratio, that is 1:1:1:1 
The ratio is by weight and not cup.

 Easy Orange Cake recipe

What is Cake Ratio?

The butter cake golden ratio is to use equal weight of FLOUR: BUTTER: SUGAR: EGGS., hence the 1:1:1:1

Do note that I lower my sugar content in this orange cake but within the 20% tolerance.
I use Australian Jumbo size egg. Approximate weight 50 to 55g with shell.

Easy way to remember : 
1. Weight of FLOUR equal to BUTTER equal to EGGS equal to SUGAR!

How to Bake an Orange Cake?

Printable recipe is at the end of the post.

Nevertheless, here is the quick run through with photos.

 Brush bundt pan with melted butter
1. Line baking pan with grease proof paper or if you are using bundt pan, brush with melted butter and sprinkle some flour.
Making sure that all nook and cranny are covered.

My first orange cake, was stuck to the bundt mould, because I forgot to do the step above!!
 Zest of 1 orange for orange cake
2. Get the prep work ahead like grating the orange zest and juicing.

Weigh all ingredients prior to baking orange cake.

 Cream butter and sugar
3. Cream butter and sugar till light, pale and creamy.

 Add egg one at a time into the batter
4. Add egg one at a time.
** Point to take note when mixing the batter, every time egg is added, the batter may look like it will split, do not fret! Just add 1 tablespoon of cake flour and your problem is solved!

Add orange zest!!! My photo somehow is missing from my folder.

 Add Cake flour to creamed egg and butter
5. Add cake flour all at once.
I hand mixed to make sure that all will be mix thoroughly.

I then use K-hook ( I use Kenwood mixer) to have a smooth cake batter.
 Mix till well combine to bake Orange Cake
6. Add orange juice.

Mix again for another 3 minutes.

 Scoop Orange Cake batter into the cake pan
7. Spoon the orange cake batter to bundt mould or baking pan.

Give it a good "thump" to rid of any bubbles.

 Prepare orange icing for Orange Cake
8. Mixing orange icing 

 Drizzle orange icing glaze onto Orange Cake
9. Drizzle some orange icing onto Orange Cake
 Cake recipe with oranges

Cake recipes using citrus 

Lemon Poppy Seeds Cake
Elderflower and Lemon Cake
Semolina Cake with Orange Syrup

Video on How to Bake a Moist and Soft Orange Cake.

 Orange pound Cake

One of the best moist orange cake recipes with homemade orange icing glaze, that I ever baked! This orange cake recipe is so easy to bake, and the only orange cake recipe that you will need. Trust me, the taste of this orange cake gets better over time. Soft and moist orange cake with fresh orange flavour.   Mouth-watering orange cake that will make you reach for the second or third slice! Cake recipes with oranges are simply one of the best cake ever!


  1. It looks not only beautiful, also very moreish with that tender crumb. Well done, Lisa.


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