Honey and Raspberry Entremet

July 17, 2018

Delicious, elegant looking Honey and Raspberry Entremet is light and delicious.

Honey, Raspberry White Chocolate Bavarois Entremet photo

Success Story

This is going to be a long post :)
How I wish that you are able to grab a slice of Honey and Raspberry Entremet off your computer screen, have it with tea or coffee while reading my post :D.

Another achievement for me ... yay! I finally can say that I can strike off 'Mirror Glaze' off, of my to-do list.
I have been wanting to attempt mirror-glazing, after watching the whole world going crazy about it last year, but... was a little bit apprehensive in prosecuting.

My main issue has to do with the amount of sugar used, be it in the form of real sugar or in its by product like condensed milk and white chocolate.
Wastage is another issue that was holding me back!

As the saying goes... I have to bite the bullet and just give it a go.

Honey and Raspberry  Entremet photo

Birthday Cakes Repertoire

End of May was approaching, and my daughter (my one and only...) turned 21.
I must bake something special as I did for my son when he turned 21, 2 years ago!
He had Opera Cake for his 21st birthday.

I was toying to attempt, those beautiful Korean flowers buttercream cake (yet another one, on my to-do list), but she does not like "cake" that much, so she says :(.
What other choices are there... if traditional cake was ruled out!

Turned to Mr Google and I chance upon Patisserie Makes Perfect recipe on Honey Raspberry  and White chocolate Entremet.

Honey, Raspberry with White Chocolate Bavarois Entremet photo

Challenges in making Honey and Raspberry Entremet

I was blown away (and drooling) looking at her gorgeous entremet. And I was twice blown away  (by typhoon), reading the many ingredients, many components and definitely many steps in making Honey and Raspberry Entremet.

My head was saying it is a difficult and tedious feat to achieve. 'You are not able to pull it together!'

But my heart was screaming,THIS could IT!!! The one cake that she might like.

If Opera cake is tedious, this is another worthy 'cake' for a 21st birthday.

Took me several days to complete the tasks, from baking, freezing, assembling and finally.. the last stage of mirror-glazing this delightful Honey and Raspberry Entremet.

Slice of Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate Bavarois entremet photo

Steps in putting Honey and Raspberry Entremet

I included photos of some few steps in making a successful Honey and Raspberry Entremet that I find it daunting to put in words.
Sometimes photos explain better than words... in my case :(

line mousse ring photo

Layers of entremet image

Fill up entremet with white chocolate bavarois image

Mirror glazed Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate Bavarois image

Sliced Mirror glazed Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate Bavarois entremet photo

Time does fly in lightning speed.

My daughter turned 21 last May.

Happy 21st Birthday sweetie pie,

~ my du'a for my one and only sweet daughter
May ALLAH bestow upon you HIS blessings, so you may you find inner peace, happiness, success in this world and the hereafter
May ALLAH bestow upon you HIS mercy by always guiding your heart to HIS path
May HE grant us... to be together and 'live' happily ever after in HIS paradise.
   Happy 21st Birthday sweetie pie

Delicious Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate Bavarois entremet photo

Honey, Raspberry White Chocolate Bavarois Entremet


  1. Your daughter is such a darling ! Mine already 24, just completed her Uni last month and going to attend her graduation on October.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. This is seriously the most beautiful dessert I've ever seen! I could only imagine how light and heavenly it tastes :)

    1. Thank you Anne :D

      It is indeed light :). It will be awhile before I make this again :p

  3. Loved this post! I could tell your excitement about making this cake, and I must say, I started trying my hands at entremets and mirror glazes, and it is becoming an obsession! Your layers are so perfect, I find that super hard to achieve, I need more practice. I have a couple of entremet cakes in my blog, if you like to see them... I am going to subscribe to your site not to miss any of your future adventures....

    1. Thank you Sally :D
      You have beautiful delicious blog and your entremets are awesome, especially the strawberry mango... big mango fan here :)

    2. Oh, how wonderful that you stopped by! There is definitely a lot of room for me to improve, but slowly I might get better... my list of recipes to try is a few miles long (sigh)

  4. Hi im in the process of making this and got to the raspberry curd layer, when do you add the butter? I cant see it in the instructions.

    1. Hi Deb,
      Sorry about that. Add butter after step 5 : gelatine dissolved.

      Thank you for pointing it out :D

  5. Could this recipe be subbed with strawberries? <3

    1. Yes you can sub with strawberries :)
      Raspberries, is my preferred choice as the fruit create a good balance of 'tart' to the honey sweetness :D


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