February 03, 2017

Rice filled Dolmade

Dolmade? Dolma? or Sarma?
Which is the right one?

Trying to look up the origin of food (any food) can be interesting and intriguing.

A good example would be this dolmade. Some literature says its Greek, some says its Persian or Middle Eastern or Balkan regions or Caucasus region or even Central Asia.
Any one care to help me on this one? :D

dolma recipewhat to serve with stuffed grape leaves
In my humble opinion, whatever name its called, no matter where its from, with the help of internet, the distance between us has become a mere click away.

Thus we get to enjoy food from anywhere around the world in our very own kitchen. :D

My first experience of eating dolmades was this once (ie after photoshoot)!

I have seen dolmades sold in the deli section of Woollies. Needless to say that I was curious, very curious!
I remembered asking the person behind the counter about it and what's in it. One last question didn't make it passed my lips, "Do you eat it.... everything? even the leaf?" 
Yeah... I was too embarrassed :)

...this is my first time making dolmade.

I used fresh grape leaves, courtesy of a friend who was moving away from Perth :(.
What you see here are the good ones from many broken dolmades made :)

Would I make it again? A definite YES :D but I need to convince the hubby to plant grapes instead of bitter gourd (which is not happening soon either :( )

Greek dolmades recipe

Dolmades recipe. These mouth watering dolmades  are filled with rice and herbs, and served with a little squeeze of lemon. Superb as entree.