Hazelnut Butterscotch Torte

September 19, 2014
Ikea copycat 'TÅRTA CHOKLADKROKANT' using hazelnut meal with a custard layer. Its gluten-free indulgence
Hazelnut Butterscotch Torte
This may sound lame, but I love visiting IKEA, don't you?
oh by the way... this post is not sponsored by IKEA, just so you know.

My days and my equally lame excuses of 'happened to be within "IKEA's" neighborhood', are numbered. As soon as E finishes high school, my frequent trips to the store will soon be drastically reduced, maybe once or twice a year.

I go there not for furniture, for I have no need to add more.

I go there for a cheap cup of tea; read CHEAP and refillable, with cinnamon roll (one time... the roll tasted like cardamom roll!!! blech... I HATE cardamom)and DESSERT...oh yum :D

E and I love IKEA's TÅRTA CHOKLADKROKANT, it is an Almond cake with chocolate butterscotch)

Daim chocolate and Hazelnut Butterscotch Torte

Many times and every time, I'd tell H and E that I wanted to recreate this slice of IKEA's heaven on earth at home, and many times I procrastinated (just my excuse to have it at IKEA..again and again)

Daim chocolate

Finally, I baked IKEA's Almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch!!!
and I used hazelnut meal instead of almond meal
Not quite there yet.

The cake layers might have been too thick and I should have used buttercream instead of fresh cream!
And due to my ever so NOT "professional" piping plus trying my damn hardest to cover the whole torte with chocolate ganache (and failed miserably), the cake did look like IKEA's torte.

Gluten free indulgence of Copycat IKEA TÅRTA CHOKLADKROKANT

However, the cake may not look anything like IKEA Crispy Chocolate Torte
but it tasted good, so good, thinking.
I don't have to limit myself to a slice every time, now that I (oops we) can have the whole cake to indulge.

Hazelnut Butterscotch Torte<


  1. A fabulous torte! I wish I could taste it right now.



  2. I love IKEA too, it's such a fun place-- I've never tried there desserts, but I bet the homemade version will suffice! Can't wait to try!

  3. I love Ikea too but unfortunately there's no Ikea at my place. Wish I could have a slice to indulge first. Im sure its taste really delicious.

  4. looks absolutely yummylicious to me, lisa! i like the idea of using hazelnut over almond meal too.. there's something toasty fragrant about hazelnuts in cakes.. mmmmmmmmm! ^^

  5. Yummy, this sounds delicious. going to make this today, thanks for sharing.