Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

June 21, 2011
Asparagus drizzled with  Hollandaise Sauce.

It feels great... to know that someone out there... enjoy reading my post...  to know that my 'virtual kitchen' has inspired someone to try out some of the recipes posted...
With all the comments I received... taking in every word... never fail to put a smile on my face... The feeling is indescribable.

I love... cooking and trying out recipes, taking photos... although, most of my recipes aren't from famous chefs or best-seller cookbooks... plus I have yet to learn the rope of food-photography ... nevertheless ~I enjoy what I am doing...

Asparagus with homemade Hollandaise Sauce.

Recipe (for 2)
2 bunches of asparagus
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vinegar
Hollandaise Sauce
50g butter
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 egg yolk - lightly beaten
1/4 cup cream
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1/4 teaspoon salt
  1. Clean and cut-away the harden end of the spears.
  2. Microwave on HIGH for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Check... and if the asparagus is not quite done, microwave again on HIGH for another 2 minutes.
Hollandaise sauce
  1. Using a double boiler method, melt butter.
  2. Add lemon juice, yolk and cream.
  3. Stir until the mixture thicken.
  4. Remove from heat, stir in salt and mustard.
  5. Keep on whisking until the mixture is smooth.
  6. Cover with cling film.
  7. Leave it to cool.
Poaching egg
  1. Fill about 3 inches high of water in a saucepan. Bring to boil.
  2. Add in vinegar.
  3. Crack the egg in a bowl. Gently pour the egg into the rapid boiling water.
  4. Leave it for 2-3 minutes for a soft yolk.
  5. Dish the egg out with slotted spoon onto kitchen towel.

Drizzle hollandaise sauce over asparagus and poached egg. Season with salt and pepper.


  1. Oh, I love eating my asparagus raw with hollandaise sauce and some kind of seasoned mayo! Simple but packed with great tastes.

    Don't worry about being emotional. We humans are born emotional creatures, right?

  2. That creamy hollandaise sauce looks so good with the poached eggs and asparagus! Gorgeous pictures too!

  3. Beautiful picture & loves the egg, very well done. I'd voted for you.

  4. Love poached egg with aspragus. Kalau ada smoked salmon pun sedap, lepas tu letak sikit capers. Yumm. I selalu mengelat, I pakai bottled holaindaise..

  5. Congratzzz n Hugs !! You sure deserve this and many more. And you are too modest when u talk about your photographs .... I have to say that your clicks makes me hungry :)

    My vote definitely goes to you .....

    All the very best.

  6. This is one very popular summer dish over here. Beautiful clicks!

  7. A lovely way of serving asparagus! I love your clicks.



  8. Mmmm...that loves pretty and tempting for breakfast. Your pictures look very nice. I have been trying o improve but I think I am just stuck :P Let's just keep enjoying our cooking and baking and smiling :D

  9. Ooops, I thought I had commented. But the box came out again. Looks like my comment was not saved. I said I like your dish. Looks pretty and tempting. I love it. I love your pictures too. Keep cooking and keep smiling :D

  10. Lisa, You got my vote!
    Love this simple and healthy breakfast :)

  11. U've got my vote!:)

    But Lisa, this Babble award has already completed, has it not? It started during Feb or March i think. See this --

    Aran is already a confirmed top 100.

    I remembered because my gf who nominated me submitted me in the wrong year! Haha!
    You need to wait for next year ah! Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  12. great blog and a list of wonderful recipes! hope to make hollandaise sauce one day to go with english muffins, hope it's not too difficult to make! btw, my vote for you is in already!

  13. Pei-Lin
    Thank you dear...
    Pisceans are 'extra' emotional.. ;)

  14. Amelia
    Thanks for the vote dear... :D

  15. Flower
    That's another one of my fave... smoked salmon...
    I pun selalu mengelat... bila mood malas mai menjengah ;)

  16. Satrupa
    Thank you for ur vote and your words of encouragement...
    *Hugs* back to you too... dear :D

  17. MaryMoh
    I am still a beginner...hehehe, dont know much about lighting, angles etc..
    Just go with my instinct and what I like...:D
    you are right... keep smiling and cooking ;)

  18. Anncoo
    awwww.... thanks Ann
    *hugs* :D

  19. Sherie
    Thanks dear... *hugs*

    This is for the last category... I think...
    Aran is voted for best photography... and our Ellie(almost Bourdain) is at no 5.

  20. lena
    Thank you very much for voting for me...:D

    English muffins... I love them... let me know if you are making them.. :D

  21. I love asparagus and eggs. I like to roast it and then top it with an egg. Sometimes I toss the asparagus in a little lemon juice, mustard and mayo, then toss it in panko and roast it. Then I top it with a fried egg and coarse salt. It is so good.

    I will have to try your recipe, how could you go wrong with Hollandaise.

  22. So simple and perfect for a lunch at home! Congrats on your nomination!

  23. Elena
    oooh . must look for some asparagus to try out your version... :D

  24. bakerbynature
    Sure is simple and 'elegant' lunch... and thank you :D

  25. Those photos are so beautiful! I have never made hollandaise sauce before, as I don't feel very confident making custard-like sauce. May I ask you what type of mustard are you using? Powder or paste?

  26. Congratulations Lisa on the nomination! Much deserved! You have come a long way my dear. I could still remember the day you asked me on how to start blogging...and now you have fans all over the globe.

    My vote is for definitely for your blog

    Red hat

  27. Wow! Really gorgeous shots, Lisa. This is one of my boyfriend's favorite dishes when we go to his family Christmas meals. I really should learn to make it :)

  28. Congrats on the well-deserved nomination! This asparagus looks absolutely delicious =)

  29. Jun
    Thank you Jun...
    I used Masterfood Australian Mustard... :D

  30. Red Hat
    Thank you so much for 'starting me off' with blog... and thank you dear, for your vote... :D

  31. Xiaolu
    awww... thank you Xiaolu :D

  32. Peggy
    Thank you for dropping by my kitchen... nice to meet you here :D