Apple, Salmon and Capers

June 12, 2011
Apple, Salmon and Capers hors d'oeuvres

Anyone had a good recollection of their younger days? What we used to play during our pre-school... kindy age?

The 'Dark' ages before sophisticated computer games exist, the time when Pac-man was unheard of? Barbie dolls has yet to make its journey to Malaysia?
And Ultraman was our hero... 

Yes, we used to play with marbles, draw and cut-out dolls from coloured cards then designed, coloured in its dresses on papers, played skipping chairs in tandem and pretended that we were in a car going on holidays to places... the very next day, chairs morphed into our imaginary boat... sailed away to far away land...

Time when... we were full of imagination, creative and resourceful... we used all kind of things that we could find around the house ~ sticks, pebbles, leaves, coconut shells, dug out clayey soil, mom's hibiscus and jasmines bloom...

Sometimes I would 'pretend' to be 'The Cook'... 'cooking' a storm for my siblings who were the 'Father and Mother' in our imaginary household... producing a colourful array of mouthwatering food... of sticks, stones, pebbles and flowers... 

That was then....

Best recipe of Apple, Salmon and Capers hors d'oeuvres

And NOW ... with 2 teens and hubby dearest, I could no longer play 'Pretend' to be the cook...
because I am the COOK... but I could still play with my food... 

Apples, Salmon and Capers ~ came about as the result of letting my inner-child out to play...ingredients from my fruits bowl, larder and fridge... with the little fennel sprigs from my vegetable patch...

D just gobbled up salmon and capers (he dislikes apples)... H had no chance of sampling... because E and I cleaned up the platter...
Tasted great ... 

1 Granny Smith apple
salmon sashimi
1 tablespoon capers
1 lemon
  1. Thinly sliced the apple. Soak for 5 minutes in the lemon juice (half of lemon juice), then drained.
  2. Rinse and strain the capers.
  3. Arrange apple slices in a serving plate, top with salmon sashimi and capers.
  4. Drizzle with the remaining lemon juice.
  5. Serve.
Note: If you are a little uncomfortable or squeamish... to eat raw fish... drizzle some lemon juice and let the lemon juice 'cooked' the fish slices.


  1. A great combo! Very fresh and lipsmackingly good.



  2. Lovely write up .... took me back to my childhood days !! Much simpler games as compared to the ones kids play in this era ..... A refreshing salmon recipe. Kool clicks !!


  3. That's a cute little recipe, Lisa.

    Thanks for your Facebook friend request. It's been a pleasure meeting you.

    Feel free to visit my blog:

  4. Satrupa
    Much simpler games and cost next to nothing as well ;)
    and thank you :D

  5. Spoon and Chopsticks
    Pleasure to get to know you too :)

  6. These mini bites look darn yummy! I love seafood anykind! Loved readong about your childhood days :)

  7. Ah yours pic's are gorgeous! i would so love to it as my starter, i heart salmon!! childhood days are the best part of my life, ah took me there, now wish to play those game :)

  8. Refreshing appetizer! The apples must have brought a good balance to the smoked salmon!

  9. I love salmon raw instead of cook. Never tried salmon with apple before. Tengok gambar tu teringin pulak nak buat. Tak payah susah2 masak.

  10. Tanvi
    Join the 'Seafood' club..hehehe :D

  11. Ananda
    Lets get our inner child out to play ;)

  12. tigerfish
    That's another alternatives by using smoked salmon ~ sour, smokey and salty capers.. goody :D

  13. Flower
    Jom main masak-masak... ;)

  14. What a sensational and fresh combination Lisa! Nothing childish at all about this sophisticated dish. No wonder it disappeared :)

  15. This is so simple and delish! What a perfect dish :-)

  16. I love simple canapes like this...with a glass of good wine. Life couldn't be better!

  17. Cooking Rookie
    Thank you dear :)

  18. Angie,
    Canapes~ that is the word that I was trying very hard to recall... blame it on AGE..
    thank you :)