Autumn Fruits

May 20, 2011

We spent our last weekend... discovering quaint little town called Dwellingup. It was about 1 1/2 hours drive from our place... approximately 130km.

We wouldn't have made the trip to Dwellingup, if not for D. He was to have his first 'camping expedition' in the Bibbulmun Reserve... preparing him and 60 others for their upcoming 'World Challenge' event to Nepal in November.

We drove along 2 Freeways towards Pinjarra...another small town which is famous for its 'Patisserie'... 

We drove another 24 km towards Dwellingup... passing by undulating terrain as far as our eyes could see... where sheep, cows and horses soaked in the morning sun while grazing... 

We reached our destination in good time and on time.

Dwellingup is a small town indeed... about 200m long... and that's it. Blink and you'll miss the town...
It is 'the place' for outdoor-sy people... where one could go cycling or trekking part of Bibbulmun track...
Bibbulmun Track is approximate 963 kilometers stretching from Albany to Kalamunda in Perth....

Perth Autumn this year is relatively mild comparing to previous years... therefore not a lot of Autumn displays could be seen... but it was a different scenes altogether in Dwellingup... the Autumn colours are amazing... shades of green turning to yellow to brown...

We stopped at one of the orchards on our way home... bought some really... really fresh fruits... a 5kg bag of mixed fruits... apples ~ various types of apples ..gala, granny smith, hi-early, pink lady and pears for AUD10. I clicked away  at the beautiful Autumn colours around the orchard.

I could not resist but to put up this photo of the lone raspberry...
I didn't know that raspberry could be cultivated here... duh!!I don't know
We then drove off ... taking different route ~ South Western Highway... and we ended at another orchard... Persimmon Orchard.

The orchard is located much... much... nearer to Perth. My thanks to my blogger friend, Lemongrass, for the information... we bagged another bargains... a tray of 25 pieces of Persimmons for AUD14...

The fruits are fresh, crisp, juicy and sweet... it will be a waste to either bake or do something else with these gorgeous fruits....I decided to just enjoy my Autumn fruits...diced and served with finely chopped mint...

One word came to mind ~

1 pink lady -diced
1 peckham pear - diced
1 persimmons - diced
1 kiwi fruit  - sliced
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
2 mint leaves - chopped finely
  1. Soak the diced apples and pears in a bowl of water with lemon juice added to it for 1minute, to minimise oxidation or 'browning' to the cut up fruits.
  2. Mix all in a bowl with finely chopped mint
  3. Serve


  1. we are going to the orchard again tomorrow for our persimmon supply. Like you said, the best way to have persimmon is eating it raw, so juicy and sweet :-).

  2. This fruit salad, a nice, delicious, and healthy.

  3. Autumn is my favourite season and so is all the produce available during that time of the year, the fruit salad looks lovely.

  4. We used to go to Dwellingup for picnic. Love the place and the environment, make you feel as if you're in the middle of a jungle. We will bring our own bbq and have barbie there, go for a bushwalk and let the kiddies play in the little brook and river there. Might ask hb to take us there again.

  5. Lemongrass,
    I wish I am in SOR... then I'll visit the orchard often :)

  6. Foodafok,
    Sure is healthy... :D

  7. megi,
    Autumn is my fave time of the year too... love the colours :D

  8. Flower
    Its peaceful and serene... and good place for family picnic... but its too far for us... :D

  9. soooooo delicious!!! love anything fresh and juicy...lovely images,had a journey with you today.

  10. I love fruits!! A bowl of goodness!

  11. Lisa, although it's a mild autumn, it's so beautiful there. I love the click of your daughter standing under the tree and smiling from the bottom of her heart ;-)) Just pretty!
    The fruit salad looks wonderful..but your photography is better. :-))

  12. lilabraga
    thank you and hope you had a good trip me with down to Dwellingup :D

  13. leemei,
    I love sharons fruit the most ... :D

  14. Angie
    awww.... thanks Angie... I told her about your compliment this morning and she was smiling from ear to ear ;)