Raspberries and Lemon curd in Wonton Cup

April 10, 2011

Saturday was a gorgeous day... sun shining, blue sky and fresh cold Southerly wind blowing... 

I was planning to sit down and finish up this post ... but I just couldn't stay indoor for long... I kept on typing... hit the delete button... then typed and delete again...  After struggling for few more minutes... finally, I decided to go out and do some gardening... looking for some inspiration If only my composing... typing would be as fuss-free as this dessert...

Only 3 main ingredients are required to whipped up this wonderful dessert :  wonton skins, frozen raspberries and lemon curd either homemade or store-bought... 
Since I have all the above plus some lemons in the fridge.... so I went on an extra mile to make my own lemon curd... 
Whipped up lemon curd, if you are in a hurry... refrigerate for at least 30 minutes..
Note : Add more sugar to the lemon curd if the packet of frozen raspberries are a little bit 'tart' and sour-ish.
And just before serving... prepare the wonton skins for baking... placed in mini muffin tray, shaped it like a cup and bake...  voila... refreshing crunchy dessert is ready......
I have only one comment about my wonton cups... although the packet labelled as extra-thin wonton skins... it is still too thick... to my liking...

Lemon Curd click here for recipe
wonton skins
20g butter melted
fresh or frozen raspberry
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C.
  2. Brush both side of wonton skins with melted butter.
  3. Gently push them into mini muffins pan.
  4. Bake for 5 -8 minutes depending on the oven, until golden in colour
  5. Leave it to cool.
  6. Spoon lemon curd into the wonton cups and top with raspberry
  7. sprinkle with some icing sugar ..


  1. This is lovely and nice. I need to prepare some lemon curd soon.

  2. Looks great! How do you "twist" these wonton wrappers to look so beautiful? is there a special size that I need to look for when buying the wrappers? Thanks!

  3. very pretty!

    I'm thinking of preparing this for a party, does the wonton skin get soggy fast?

  4. This is such a simple and elegant treat! :)


  5. Lana,
    Only one size I have seen so far.. its about 8cm by 8cm (approximate size)...
    What I did was... fold the sides a bit and pushed down ...to fit in my mini muffin tray.. and bake :D

  6. Swee San,
    Thank you :D
    Soggy? I think I may need your feedback on that ;)...
    with 2 hungry teens plus 1 sweet tooth hubby...all gone in a jiffy...

  7. Lovely! I really like lemon curd and this is such a great idea!

  8. it's simply beautiful !
    http://kitchensojourn.blogspot.com :)

  9. Lisa, this is an absolutely brilliant idea! Great clicks too.

  10. Angie,
    :D ... thank you
    FYI~ few been 'gobbled up' while clicking away.. ;)

  11. These look far too pretty to be so easy! Can't wait to try these for the next dinner party!

  12. Cuteness!!!!

    If i were to bring this to a party, i'm pretty sure these will be gone in approx 60 secs! haha!

  13. maameemoomoo,
    these will not make it to the party with my kiddos ;D

  14. So cute! We're having guests this weekend and I will try these. I hope they will look as pretty as the ones in the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Cooking Rookie
    Happy trying... n have a great weekend :)

  16. I just made these, I used spring roll wrappers, they were way bigger than my muffin cups so I had to cut the edges with scissors :-). They were not as elegant as yours, but still tasted great and were crunchy - perfect contrast for the custard. I also baked the leftover pieces of the wrappers, and sprinkled them on top for a Napoleon - like effect :-). It was a lot of fun making and very tasty! Thanks, Lisa! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  17. Cooking Rookie
    Thrilled to know that you had fun making these and thank you for your feedback... :)