Vouchers Giveaway...

September 16, 2010
I have 2 booklets of Gift Vouchers redeemable at Coles Express to give away... in Australia only...

Mr H Jr is participating in World Challenge (through his school program) to Nepal in 2011. They are embarking on an exciting yet eye opening life experience... He is raising funds by selling these vouchers (I am giving away 2 booklets.. to my 2 lucky readers .. or if you wish to help him by purchasing one of these vouchers at AUD10 per booklet... do contact me via email... thanks)

This is an excerpt from his email to us ....

"...... I am selling gift vouchers (redeemable at any Shell-Coles Express service station) to raise funds for my World Challenge Trip Camp; Community Project. World Challenge involves taking students out of their ‘comfort zone’ i.e. city life for me, and placing them into a new environment where they have to adapt and learn the culture of their new environment. This year World Challenge is taking students to Nepal . Nepal, as you already know is a third world country and we will be trekking to a remote village which will enable us, the students, to experience things that we are not used to like poverty and starvation. World Challenge will also enabled us to design our own projects to challenge ourselves, these projects range from building a house for the homeless to teaching at a rural school."

To be my 2 Lucky Readers...all you have to do is just leave a comment or name in my comment box (under this heading)  ...by 30th September 2010...
The vouchers are valid in Australia only...


  1. I am interested in these vouchers! Would like to know more :)


  2. Weng,
    The vouchers are valid in Australia at Shell-Coles Express only.. By dropping comment or your name (email too if you have ... you can email me if you wish for privacy).. then I'll contact you if you are one of 2 lucky readers.. cheers :)

  3. Hi there,
    you say these vouchers are free correct and no strings attached right? And only in Australia....
    i might be interested in one (:

  4. Hi Anon,
    Yes ... it is Free... and if you wish to keep your identity private ~ do email me your details.