Roasted Capsicum Rolls

August 24, 2010

Starting of this term, Miss E is taking Home Economics as one of the subjects in school. She enjoyed playing 'grown-up'... pretending to be 'Masterchef' :)
The teacher gave out an assignment and the students were meant to pick up (at random) a vegetable to cook...and her group picked up  CAPSICUM!! :) what an irony... its the one vegetable that she dislike...
However, the show must go on ... she has to do some research and cook a dish using capsicum... so she found this simple recipe from Simply Great Meals and was trying it out over the weekend... We left her to do all the works herself including cleaning afterwards... She substituted basil with beetroot leaf as none could be found in my vegetable patch.

We tasted her lovely capsicum rolls ... but Miss E ... she refused to have a teeny-weeny bite...
  • 1 red and 1 yellow capsicum 
  • 2 tablespoons Leggo's Pesto - Traditional 
  • 80g cream cheese 
  • 80g fresh ricotta 
  • 16 basil leaves

Cut capsicums into 2cm strips. Place on baking tray and spray some oil, and place under the grill until skin blisters. Cover with aluminium foil and leave it to cool. Remove the skin. 

Mix the pesto, cream cheese and fresh ricotta in a bowl. 

Divide the pesto mix onto the capsicum strips, place a basil leaf and start to roll. Secure with toothpicks. Serve.


  1. Love this idea of rolling bell peppers with cheese and basil sure make a very pretty appetizer :-)

  2. Juliana,
    sure is.. a good appetizer :)