Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

June 15, 2010

Easy to bake Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

Vegetarian spinach feta ricotta rolls

A Short Story

I am back from my short visit to Malaysia...

We had a good time catching up with family and friends... and shopping of course. :).

A visit to Malaysia will be incomplete if one did not sample its local cuisine... but in my case ~ its not just sampling!! its eating with a vengeance!!...  over-indulging ... but it was good...

after all Diet always start tomorrow...
After a week of indulging in loads of spicy food... to have a change in taste is most refreshing.. :)

I wanted something light, something different and of course it must be easy to make.
Plus it must agree with our palate too.

Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

Easy and Fast Weekday Meal

After much eating and yearning to have some clean eating, Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll came to mind.

The thought of combining lightly salty Feta cheese with creamy with mild taste Ricotta cheese with some spinach sound delicious.

Furthermore, Feta Ricotta and Spinach Rolls are easy to make, especially when I am in a rush to either pick up kids from school or had a full eventful day and I am too lazy to cook.

Tasty Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

How to Prepare Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

Feta Ricotta and Spinach rolls are easy to bake, using store bought ingredients and baked to perfection.

It took me less than an hour to prepare and bake.

Its ideal for kids' lunch boxes too.

Not only its light, the kids definitely will enjoy the change of menu, from bringing sandwiches everyday to school.

Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll for kids' lunch box

How To Keep Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll

Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll best eaten on the day they are baked.
Not recommended to keep more than 24 hours after baking.

Note : Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll recipe has been updated (5th August 2017)

You can find the updated version of Feta Ricotta and Spinach rolls complete with quick and easy video on how to make these delicious rolls.

Video on How to Bake Feta Spinach Ricotta Rolls

Feta Ricotta and Spinach Roll recipe. Easy to bake Feta Ricotta and Spinach rolls, made from puff pastry, frozen spinach and ricotta cheese.


  1. Nice to have you back!
    These spinach pastry rolls look so much like the one from Turkish kitchen. Very crumble, flakey and delicious.

  2. Nice variation to the Spinnakopita:)

    do send it in for the Magic Bullet recipe contest/giveaway hosted on my blog:)Your recipe could win you a Free Magic Bullet To Go!

  3. Angie,
    Its nice to be home...

    Thanks :) will check out your blog..

  4. I am going to make these tomorrow. Thank you. :)

  5. Oh my gosh my mouth is watering! I will defiantly try to make these! Did you see that you have almost 5,000 re-pins on Pinterest for theses. I'm a new follower...here is the link I found these at that show your re-pin

    Happy blogging.

  6. Kristina
    Thank you for the link...
    I am stumped with so many re-pins ... :D

  7. What do you mean by a slab of feta? How much?

    Looks yummy!

  8. Heather
    Its an approximation of 150g to 200g (feta already pre-cut in the deli section)

    Thanks :D

  9. I bought the wrong kind of Ricotta! Shoot! Is there a way to omit it? or can I just use the stuff I got?

  10. Anonymous
    There is 2 types of ricotta sold in the grocer near my place, its either fresh or baked... Ricotta is used to balance the feta saltiness and to bulk up as well.
    You can use the 'wrong' ricotta bought... you'll never know ...it might taste even better. :D

  11. delicious idea for a futur lunch !!

    have a nice day


  12. is that 180 degrees to bake at? Ive never used such a low oven temp before....

  13. Virginie
    Thank you :)

    Its 180 Celcius = 350 Fahrenheit :)

  14. Do you know the calories in these?

    1. Using the MyFitnessPal recipe calculator mine came out to 306 calories, 28 carbs, 17 grams fat, 11 grams protein, 3 grams fiber per roll (8 rolls total). I used 1 pkg Pepperidge Farm puff pastry, Birds Eye chopped frozen spinach, Trader Joe's Fat Free Ricotta (1/2 container), and Trader Joe's crumbled feta (1/2 container.

    2. Thank you for the info on calories... Much appreciated
      I'd happier if I know who you are :D...

    3. Sorry, my name is Melissa, and I found your recipe through Pinterest. I don't have a Google account or LiveJournal or anything, so I just chose "anonymous". :)

    4. Hiya
      Thank you so much , Melissa :D. It is a great piece of information about the calories...
      I really appreciate it... :D

  15. Hi,
    I would love to make these. I need to prepare a starter in advance, would these be okay eaten cold?
    Thanks, Helen: -)

  16. Hi Helen,
    Its nice to eat it warm while the puff pastry is still crisp...but my kids and hubby didn't mind it cold either when they have it for lunch the next day...
    My suggestion is to prepare the filling earlier, refrigerate...and bake on the day...it doesn't take long to bake storebought puff pastry
    Hope this helps n happy baking :D

  17. Can these be made up ahead of time (day before)and baked just before serving?

    1. yes you can make the filling ahead of time :D

  18. Hello, i tried to copy your recipe so i could print it out in a word document, but it won't let me :( Just thought you should be aware of this, as it saves time for A LOT of people to just be able to copy and paste, rather than printing the whole screen or jotting down the recipe. Plus, it would be a shame not to make this recipe easily accessible for everyone. That being said, the recipe sounds wonderful!

    From Sara

  19. Hi Sara
    Thank you for your feedback.

    I have updated with a link to print recipe

  20. Hi Lisa,
    I must have bought the wrong puff pastry because that was a pain in the neck. I thawed one sheet of Pepperidge Farm puff pastry dough and it became very sticky and wouldn't separate so I rolled into a ball and flattened with a rolling pin.

    What brand of puff pastry are you using?

    The family loved the rolls!


    1. Hi Mitch,
      I used Pampas puff pastry


  21. FYI i found this on a website, that has used our pic and recipe without permission, and probably is doing yours as well. Here is the link: http://www.carddit.com/view/t1YCV164y/feta-ricotta-and-spinach-roll

    We've asked them to take down ours, you probably ought to do the same.

    Sarah, crock pot ladies.

  22. These are great. I made my own ricotta (super easy and simple by the way) and added a crush roasted garlic and lemon juice as well. The garlic adds depth in taste and the lemon freshens it up. I also use phyllo dough instead of puff pastry to reduce the calorie intake. I make in a large batch and freeze my extras pre-cooking to just pop out of the freezer on a busy summer day. We love it.