Mustard, Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

March 23, 2010

Before I start my rambling on food... let me show you some pics~ taken yesterday...
The sky has opened its gates on us ... it did not rain but poured!!! After 122 days of dry spells... we could do with some heavenly nourishing 'sky juice'... Thank GOD that my house is still intact ..with a little leak in My Lemony Kitchen... as the gutter just couldn't cope with the amount of flows... 

my backyard .... inundated

garage ... underwater

Beautiful.... an aftermath of the thunderstorm

One of Miss E's friend came home to a soaking wet bed!!! Driving was the scary part as the lamp posts were swaying from side to side... visibility was less than 1m..and the trees ... OMG... broken branches flying everywhere...
Mr H Jr is at home today... as his school was badly hit in the storm ~ broken glasses ...the school's beautiful stained glasses in the Auditorium was damaged by hail (the size of a golf ball!!!)..

We shall leave the thunderstorm story behind us... expected another one today... so far ~ as I am punching the still looks OK outside... we shall adjourn to the kitchen...
My oven has been rudely awakened from its hibernation... Baking and roasting shall that the Autumn is here...yay...
  • 4 marylands or 2 spring chicken cut into half
  • 2 lemon - for the rind and the juice
  • 1/4 cup of fresh rosemary- chopped
  • 1/4 cup of parsley - chopped
  • 3 garlic - crushed
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon mustard or dijon mustard
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
Mix lemon rind, lemon juice, chopped parsley and rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper, dijon mustard with olive oil.
Marinate the maryland with the mixture above for 2 hours or preferably overnight in the fridge.
Bake in the oven for 1 hour at 200C or until the chicken is cooked.
Serve with steamed potatoes, salad or steamed brocolli.
This recipe was adapted from one of my favourite cookbook author~ Ms Janelle Bloom.


  1. OMG Lisa, just glad everyone in the house was ok. And dlm storm2 ni pun you sempat masak lagi? I would have just curled up on the sofa and take refuge there with the kids.

    So rajinnnnnnnnnnn.

  2. Lisa i was in the bus leaving princess Margaret hospital when the hail started pelting. It was serioulsy scary and i was lucky that i got home safely though the traffic was horrendous which was unsual for my work route. I saw the hail smashing and denting the cars and really felt sorry for them. My first day at work would always be remembered for this disaster! By the way the chicken looks so moist!

  3. Glad u guys are OK. We had that storm last year in May..scary, lotsa trees down n no power for 11 days, uwahhh!

  4. Wiz,
    Thank GOD for that... my suburb was not badly hit... and we were with power... phew...

    Yeah... Subi was badly hit...Danial had 2 days off as Perth Mod had a lot of cleaning up to do..
    Congratulations on your 1st job in OZland... and what a day to remember..

    Kak Yati,
    OMG.. 11 days without power?? I'd go crazy...

  5. Firstly, your chicken looked so yummmmmmm... moist, tender and I could smelled the fragrance with my eyes close! Going to try your recipe soon :-) Thanks!

    I came across hail storm, which I thought was the garbage collector doing their rounds in my block and I cursed myself for forgetting to take the bags out which later on, I realized it was not the day. Then I heard loud thuds in the garden ..I looked out and the garden was covered with golf ball sized ice pops!!! My neighbor's pool was bombarded by it! Luckily, my cars were inside the garage.. whewwww... because later on I learnt from my in-laws, the car Insurance doesn't covered hail storms in Belgium! My neighbor across the street went 'ouch'..'ouch'.. 'ouch' running to his car. Problem for him was he doesn't have a garage! That prompted me not to go out to check the ice balls :-D

  6. pixen,
    the last hailstorm was 50 years ago... according to the weatherman!!!