Spring Rolls

January 22, 2010
Fresh yam bean (sengkuang or bang kuang) is not easily available here, if there is - it is so expensive... So we  use...  frozen yam bean for the spring rolls.
Now that we are only less than a month away to celebrate Chinese New Year... even frozen yam bean will be difficult to find.... so next best thing to use...tadaaa... bamboo shoots... but be warned of the strong 'amonia'ish smell...'the smell' will put you off ... and your first reaction would be "bin the shoots" ~ Don't!! What needs to be done is to soak the bamboo shoots for at least an hour, then rinse well and drain off the water... and voila!! the smell will be ..Gone!!... 
  • Spring rolls skins - from Asian grocer
  • a packet or can of bamboo shoots (from Asian Grocer....)- julienne
  • 2 cloves of garlic - chopped
  • 200g mince chicken
  • 3 thinly sliced chinese mushrooms
  • salt and white pepper
  • oyster sauce
Saute garlic, add in mince chicken and mushroom. Stir until the chicken is cooked. Then add in the bamboo shoots. Season with sauce, salt and pepper. Leave it to cool. Wrap the filling in the spring roll skin. Seal the edges with cornflour mixture (1 teaspoon cornflour and 2 tablespoon water). Deep fry until golden in colour. Serve with sweet chilli.