Grilled fish with Chilli stuffing...

November 11, 2010

I love fish stuffed with chilli paste... mom used to cook this ... but she would used local fish ~ Ikan Cencaru  or Torpedo Scad or its Scientific name : Megalaspis Cordyla (linnaues) ... phew!! a mouthful to pronounce!!.. (just 'Image Google' Cencaru for some idea how it looks like... )
I have not seen any of Cencaru sold in WA... alternative~ Taylor... a good substitute..

Mom would cook the chilli paste first(...I followed mom's way of cooking... :))... then she would stuffed the fish with the chilli paste... (ok ~ I did the same...)... then she would deep fry the fish (oops~ sorry mom ... this is where I stop ...)...The aroma of fish and the twice cooked chilli paste... sizzling in the wok... will make my tummy sing-a-song of 'Hunger'... kriuk-krok...kriuk- krok.... did you hear that???
  • 2 whole fish - I used taylor
  • 8 dried chilli - soaked
  • 3 stalks lemongrass - chopped
  • belacan (prawn paste)
  • sugar
  • 1 red onion - chopped
  • some banana leaves
Washed and pat dry the fish. Lightly marinate with salt and tumeric. Put aside.

For the chilli paste: Blend the lemongrass, onion, chilli and belacan into a fine paste. Heat up 5 tablespoon of canola oil in the wok, add the blended mixture in. Bring to boil and let it simmer until the paste thicken. Add sugar to suit your taste bud... it should be on the 'sweeter' taste... leave it to cool.

Stuffed the cooked chilli paste into the fish's opening (where the gut used to be!!) and the head...
Wrap the fish with some banana leaves...Grilled for 10 minutes on one side.... Turn the fish over and continue to grill for another 5 minutes and cut opened the banana leaves ... and grill for another 5minutes ...Serve with steam rice...

note: grilling time is very much depending on the size of the fish...


  1. I have not eaten grilled fish with chili stuffing for the longest time! :(

  2. tigerfish,
    dreaming of ikan Cencaru :(