Kuih Makmur or Ghee Cookies with Peanut Filling

September 18, 2009
In Malaysia, where almost everything is just an 'order' away... I'd have no initiative to find out how to cook or bake anything....especially for Raya. My sister, Kak La, she's brilliant in making scrumptious Raya cookies, so why bother.... she'd make extra for me to take home... thank GOD for my wonderful sister....
Kuih Makmur is one of my favourite Raya cookies... every Raya, I'd order at least 800 pieces...of course, not all were consumed by me! I'd have problems if I did....they'll ended up in my 'tooshie and thigh'....
Now that the luxury of 'ordering' cookies is history.. I learned to make my own...kuih makmur. Found some recipes through the internet, my first attempt of kuih makmur was a disaster...the mixture - as a Malay would say ~ 'tak boleh pakai' ....crap (oops pardon!!)...
So this is my version of Kuih Makmur... it has the same texture, that soft..crumbly dough that melt in the mouth...

Photo by Miss E

  • 500g flour
  • 200g ghee
Mix well into a soft pliable dough.
  • 150g peanuts - roasted
  • 40g sugar
Ground until fine.
Icing sugar for coating.
Pre-heat the oven 190C. Roll the dough into a marble size ball. In your palm, flattened the dough with your finger. Place the Peanut mix. And gently enclose the peanut mix with the dough.. Bake for 20 minutes or until slightly brown. Cool on a rack.. Once completely cool, coat the Kuih Makmur with icing sugar....
Photo by Miss E