Spaghetti Marinara

May 14, 2009
Little Miss E takes on Angelina Jolie....
My little Miss E, loves her spaghetti bolognese, but her father loves marinara! So once in a blue moon, I will cook the big Baby, his marinara.

Watch out for the mussels.. for those who has an allergy... whenever I cooked marinara or jambalaya using the marinara mix bought from the supermarket, Miss E would developed an allergy reaction, her lips would go 'pouty and red' - and itchy too ... kalah Angelina Jolie!!

  • 100g spahetti per person - cook as per packet instruction
  • 750g marinara mix
  • 750 ml pasta sauce - dolmio or leggo etc
  • 2 cloves of garlic - crushed
Saute the garlic in a olive oil for a few minutes. Add sauce, simmer then add marinara mix. That's it.
Tip: I was watching this cooking show on tele...the chef mentioned that parmesan does not go with seafood as the taste of the cheese itself 'drowned' the taste of the seafood. So the Italian usually... sprinkle some garlic breadcrumb instead!! Hmmm ...interesting...Food For Thought..