Cheat Tau fu Fa

April 30, 2009
Never thought that we could be savouring Tau Fu Fah here in Perth... This product, which we could get from Asian Grocer, was introduced to us by a friend of a friend during one of those Pot-Luck Dinners. She even taught us how to do it right...

Buy the packet as shown above, doubled the amount of water required.... follow the instruction ...voila ~ you have Tau fu Fa.

For syrup : just boil brown sugar with daun pandan until thickened.


  1. Gosh i love taufu fa so much. Which asian grocer did you get the packet?

  2. Hi ya.... bought from Joondalup 'OK Shop'. Hv you tried Northbridge?? or any Asian Grocer in the city? If you can't find them... your next visit, I'll take you to this little shop in Joondalup.