Miso Soup ~ Japanese Made Easy...

March 20, 2009
There are 2 types of Miso paste... white or red. White is supposed to be 'sweet' while the red is supposed to be 'salty'. Either one is OK ...depending on your preferences.

This is really easy peasy lemon squeezy.....

What you need is a packet of bonito powder, Miso paste, water, soft beancurd(cheaper to get it from Coles for the 500g packaging),dried seaweed or wakame (from Asian grocer or Jusco in M'sia) and some spring onion (optional).

Boil water in a pot. Add bonito powder and miso paste ... suggest that you try a little bit at a time of the miso paste.. like starting with 2 tablespoon: 250ml water.. and add on as desired. About 1 tablespoon of wakame. Once boiled, add in diced beancurd (diced as small or as big as you wish). Bring to boil again. Turn off the heat. Sprinkle with the spring onion.

Serve with Japanese rice (short grain).