Watermelon and Lemongrass Sorbet

 Watermelon and Lemongrass Sorbet.

My son has just turned 17...

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

Smooth Silky chicken and sweetcorn soup Video

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

Million thanks to my well wishers... and thank you : DG of Tasted and Tested and Ah Tze of AwayofMind for the wonderful Blogger Award big hug(hop over to my Page here)
I just couldn't believe it that I am already into my 4th year of blogging... blushing

When I first started out... I set myself a 'Target' of 3 posts per week; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... and it has to be one of each; Western , Asian and Dessert respectively... I was cooking... cooking and cooking then Clicking... Clicking... Clicking away... I was THAT ridiculous!!!! I had more than 100 posts waiting in the 'Draft' folder at one time...

Blogging consumed me... My hobby, my passion has become my obsession!!!
I eat Blog, sleep Blog and everything Blog....
H often said 'It doesn't matter if you are not able to post on time' ... but do I listened to the sound advice from the old wise man? not listeningNoooo...
Then... when I discovered webpages that display foodies' photos... I was excited and joined in the bandwagon and submitted mine... I was overjoyed whenever my submissions were accepted and I get very upset, otherwise.crying
Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

Full Moon... just before it dissappeared into the horizon... on the 8th of Feb 2012 at 5.30am ...
chicken sweetcorn soup

I had time re-assess, re-evaluate (late last year)... H is RIGHT... it does NOT matter if I don't post on time, it does NOT matter if Foodgawker or Tastespotting reject my photos... Life is too short .... to dwell on negative issues

I've learned heaps... 'met' wonderful individuals from every corner of the earth that I called friends now big hug
YES..  I will still carry on BLOGging...
I am still having fun, but my apologies in advance should there be ZERO post for the week...happy

Sometimes we just have to STOP! Look BACK... something wonderful and beautiful is just waiting to be discovered....

and need not be too complicated too...

Just like this Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup... with left over roast chicken, either fresh corns or canned creamed corn... all done in less than 15 minutes

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup


    2 cans of creamed corn
    500g chicken breast (3 cups of leftover roast chicken shredded)
    2 eggs - give it a light whisk
    1.5 liter of water
    2 maggi chicken stock cubes (optional)
    a dash of sesame oil
    1 tablespoon corn flour (mix with 4 tablespoon water
    white pepper (black if you dont have any white pepper)
    Spring onion for garnishing
  1. Bring water to boil in a stockpot. 
  2. Add Maggi cubes (optional). 
  3. Add chicken breast
  4. Cook for approximately 10 minutes
  5. option : use leftover roast chicken .
  6. Shredded chicken
  7. Add creamed or fresh corn. 
  8. Bring to boil. 
  9. Add corn flour mix
  10. In a steady stream, pour in the egg. 
  11. Lower the heat to a simmer for 5 minutes or until the egg is cooked.
  12. Season with salt and white pepper (black pepper). 
  13. Turn off the heat and add a dash of sesame oil. 
  14. Garnish with spring onion 
  15. Serve.

Old Schoolyard ~ Cat Steven ~ Icy-Balls

icy balls
Remember the days of the old schoolyard
We used to laugh a lot, oh don't you
Remember the days of the old schoolyard
When we had imaginings and we had
All kinds of things and we laughed
And needed love... yes, I do
Oh and I remember you
Remember the days of the old schoolyard
We used to cry a lot, oh don't you
Remember the days of the old schoolyard
When we had simplicity and we had
Warm toast for tea and we laughed
And needed love.. yes, I do
Oh and I remember you
~ Cat Steven

The radio was playing 'Remember the days of the Old Schoolyard' by Cat Steven,  on the first day of schools!!!
As I was driving, smiling and humming to the tunes...
I recalled sweet memories... whistling driver on my right must be thinking... 'who let this  MAD lady behind the wheel' early Wednesday morning!!!

The good old days...  The 'free spirited' days... with no care of whatsoever happening to the world.

I remembered my first best friend in Kindergarten, we were together, in the same class from kindy up to Yr 6, then I left to another school and after 30 odd years...we met up again  (in Perth).
I remembered the teachers who taught me ABC, 123, drawing and colouring.
I remembered the Sisters/Nuns telling us off when we screamed at the top of our lungs, for disturbing their evening Prayers.
I too remembered, that I just couldn't wait  for classes to be over, so that we could continue playing... 'Toi' or 'Galah Panjang' (quick description ~ 2 teams of 4 or more... The Running team members had to run past the Oppossing team who formed row of barriers without any physical contact. GAME OVER for the Running team member if any of Opposing team members manage to make any physical contact)...confuse?confused oops sorry ...

Sometimes we would play 'Police and Thief'... running around chasing friends... fell flat on our face or grazed our knees when we missed a step or two... felt no pain, got up and continue playing again...

Icy-Balls with 2 types of syrup

After much running... and screaming, we would take a breather and quenched our thirst with Shaved iced with sugary sweet syrup, for 5 cents a pop, we would slurped and slurped the icy cold iced syrup... until nothing left but the icy ball...
Then another game would start...

Icy Ball fight
....we would aimed and target friends and start throwing the Icy ball at each other.. or chased a friend, in an attempt to shoved the ice down their pinafore... winking

So much laughter

Sorry state...St Nicholas Convent, Alor Setar...  at one time was 'THE' school for girls...
Top: our 'playground' while waiting for schoolbus to take us home...
Middle : my standard 1 or Primary 1 classroom...
Bottom: my final year in SNC (Year 6)... double storey building on the right hand side... 

Yes... I remember you.... my dearest Friends and Teachers at St Nicholas Convent, Alor Setar...the old school in Telok Wanjah wave

sweet icy balls

I can't turn back the clock to share that magical moments with D and E... but I could 're-live' and share that moment through food... as I always do ...big grin

Ice cubes

Red colour syrup
1/2 cup of sugar
3/4 - 1 cup of water
1 pandan leaf knotted
red colouring

Brown sugar syrup
1/2 cup of sugar

3/4 - 1 cup of water
1 pandan leaf knotted
  1. Make syrup separately. Mix sugar and water in 2 separate pot.
  2. Bring to boil, stir until sugar dissolves.
  3. Leave it to cool.
  4. Pat some shaved iced into a ball and drizzle the syrup over.
  5. Alternative : replace syrup with cordial

Psst… I turned 3 today…party

Lemon Curd and Strawberry Swirls Cheesecake


How was your Chinese New Year Celebration? 'Chow-ing down' loads and loads of festive food? And for the Young and Restless and Single ~ received many red packets (known as Ang Pows)?

Ours was a quiet family affair... with lots of food that can last us the 'whole year' so to speak. We had Steamboat, Crispy fried Wonton, Sang Choy Bow and Lor Ark or Chinese Braised Duck... Oh Boy!! we were like whales about to give birth by the end of the day... hee hee

Sleep or Siesta was never far from my mind... It was very ... very ... very difficult keeping my eyes open... I would have to use tooth pick to hold the eyelids from 'Shutting'...sleepy
Dont be alarmed... I wasn't going to do that 

...and if I did I would have missed this gorgeous sunset...
The last sunset, marking the end of the Year of the Rabbit... see the glowing Rabbit's tail bobbing down the horizon?

With the Rabbit gone... I wanted to complete the picture by welcoming the Dragon ... early ...the next day.

Woke up early and captured I did... I was thrilled...
What I saw was mesmerising..  the horizon was glowing by the minute... the sky, clouds and everything else were like a priceless Painting... A Masterpiece in the sky...
a Painting of Baby Dragon breathing its first 'Fire Ball'... My photo didn't do any justice to what I witnessed...

Baby Dragon hatched and it breathed 'Fire', alright... We were having 10 straight of very HOT summer days... whew!with thermometer hovering around high 30's to low 40's...

I dont feel like potter-ing around the kitchen much in this heat... I'd prefer to serve everything COLD... like this Lemon curd and Strawberry Swirls.
To enjoy a slice... with ice cold drinks would be a Bliss happy 

Lemon Curd and Strawberry Swirls Cheesecake

Lemon Curd and Strawberry Swirls Cheesecake 

 (adapted from Good Taste June 2009)
200g pkt Arnott's Lattice Biscuits
500g cream cheese, softened
395g sweet condensed milk
3 teaspoon gelatine
2 tablespoon boiling water
250 ml or 1 cup of lemon curd
3 tablespoon of strawberry jam
  1. Line base of 20cm x 20cm dish with baking paper allowing the sides to overhang. Line the base with biscuits and cutting to fit if necessary.
  2. Use electric mixer and beat the softened cream cheese until smooth. Add condensed milk and beat until combined.
  3. Place the gelatine with the boiling water in  a small bowl, and stir until dissolves.
  4. Add to the cream cheese mixture and beat until combined.
  5. Pour half of the cream cheese mixture over the biscuits.
  6. Spoon half of the lemon curd.
  7. Use a skewer to make swirls. 
  8. Repeat with the remaining mixture (Reserve about 2 tablespoon of lemon curd, add one drop of yellow colouring, mix well) and dollop with strawbery jam and the 'coloured' lemon curd..
  9.  Again use a clean skewer to make swirls.
  10. Refrigerate overnight.
Note : I substituted 500g creamcheese with Philly 80% fat free spreadable cream cheese