Destination: Bangkok, December 2013


I am back from my holiday.
We finally made it home with 5 suitcases and additional unwanted 'baggage' around our waistline... way too much good food and stuffing our self silly.
There will be no food/recipe for the next few posts, I have the need to flood this blog with my holiday picture...hehehe. 
Furthermore, I am without tripod and in need to send my camera for a quick service.

Our "Mom and Daughter"journey to the 'Land of Smiles' began on the 13th December with 2 nights stopover in Kuala Lumpur. 
And the trip was nearly cancelled due to the Political Demonstration/ commotion that took place during  November /December months. I took to netizens living in Bangkok to assess and keep me updated on the situation over there. 
She was not impressed (very, very upset) when told that our trip may have to be... 


 "there is nothing to worry about" says he, trying to reassure me, knowing that I was in my 'panic' mode.
15th December, we left Kuala Lumpur for Bangkok with 2 'almost empty' suitcases. 

(Sa wat dii = hello)
room with a view - using iPhone
waking up to Bangkok sunrise
The hotel that we stayed is within the heart of shopping haven. 
It was to be our home away from home for the next 4 nights in Bangkok. Without wanting to waste precious shopping time, once we checked in, refreshed... almost dashed out of the door, to explore...

dusk in bangkok - using iphone

E was super thrilled, she came to Bangkok with one hope... that she will find a ball gown, without making a big hole in her budget and she got one at a very good price(actually she was shopping for 2 ball gowns!!).
She did not only scored a ball gown but she shopped for everything else... skin cares, shorts, T-shirts, dresses, jumpers, shoes... well, what can I say, she's a shopoholic!!!
First time, ever, she saw her RM500 holiday money stretched for miles...
Me? I didn't do much shopping as clothing comes in either 'free size' that I would ended up looking like a sack of potato (sarung nangka) or "XL" (which looks like size 10 or 12).... oh so depressing!!!

Apart from shopping, taking a ride on Tut-Tut (motorised rickshaw) was another highlight for E.
She loves them... 
"ooh...Mom, I love this adrenalin rush..." she uttered, whilst I was holding on tightly onto whatever I could hold on to, mouthing a little prayer!! 
The Tut-Tut drivers are notoriously known to be driving in and out of traffic, at high speed, weaving in and out of back alleys... just like the "James Bond"/Pierce Brosnan's Visa card advertisement (click here to view)
I was terrified!!!

Sky train station - Chit Lom
Suvarnabhumi Airport

Saying 'Good Bye' to Bangkok wasn't easy...
the food, the shops...
one day we shall return.

(kop khun = Thank you)


  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures! I'd love to visit Thailand.



  2. I have a laugh when I read that you brought back your "unwanted baggage". I thought you accidentally took someone else baggage but instead the baggage was stuck in your tummy! Im sure you have a wonderful holiday especially those yummy and delicious food.

  3. I've been to Bangkok once and loved it. The hustle, bustle and the incredible food! I don't shop for clothes either - have the same problem. All the sizes are way too tiny for me! Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

  4. So glad to hear you had a wonderful trip at Bangkok, Lisa. Looks like a great place to visit with the whole family. So much sights and food. Always wanted to go! Hopefully, one day =)

  5. Welcome back, Lisa. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful photos.
    Happy Sunday!