No Recipe...Sharing News and Spring Cleaning

I have some great news to share... 'Yours Truly' is featured in this month Kunang2 magazine

Nuff said... back to reality...

I have no food or recipes to share on this post...
I am carrying out 'Spring cleaning' in my virtual kitchen here...

Notice my new header?
....and my favicon?
that was what I have been trying to do...
I am not a computer savvy person... please excuse any hiccups now and then ...I will try my very best to accelerate my 'tortoise' speed to get things sorted out....

At the same time, I am introducing a printable recipe ...  many has written requesting for recipes. I have some success after suffering 2 days of massive headache attack.. and drowning some Paracetamol  (due my 2 fingers typing skills, I will only start from next post onwards ...)

Since I am cleaning my virtual kitchen... my 'Real' kitchen needs its 'Spring Cleaning' too...
Winter is the time when I'd do a lot of baking, roasting and grilling... One look inside my oven, you'll see a tell tale of the oven been used to the max... with grease blackened, oil stained on the glass door and splatter everywhere...
Eventhough I have a Pyrolytic Oven (click here), with just one function, I can have a cleaned oven but I am not comfortable to use Pyrolytic...I can be a Clumsy Lisa and cause further damage. Not keen to use chemical either...
So what did I use?
.... the old wives' tale ~ Baking soda and Lemon...
it worked wonder...either spray the surfaces or rub the walls with lemon...and sprinkle with baking soda ... leave it for a good 10 to 20 minutes (or more) use a soft scrub (use for cleaning and washing the non-stick pan)... and voila !!!

Cleaned Oven ...

Have a wonderful weekend...

Lisa H.xox


  1. Hi Lisa,
    congratulations! Your recipes and photos are truly amazing, memang you deserve to be in magazines :-).
    I pun ada pyrolotic oven but so far I have never used that function because like you, I am too scared to cause more damage to the oven, hahaha. And most of the oven cleaners are so caustic looking.
    Your lemon and baking soda tip looks marvellous though, definitely will try that one out :-). Thank you for the tip.

    1. awww....Thank you lemongrass :)
      Gives me the shivers, when I look at the 'cleaning aka burning' temperature. Memang bakar habis-habisan :(

  2. Happy spring cleaning!

    Congratulations on the feature! Lovely new header.



  3. congrats, lisa! i'll be looking out for the mag and getting a copy soonest ^^! thanks for the reminder (and tip) to clean up the oven.. i've been holding this off for many, many months ^^|| hmm, on 2nd thoughts, i think i shall pretend i didn't read this post! ^^

    1. Thanks Hui.
      Yup..just pretend you didn't read this post... 😉

  4. Phwoar!! Dah can be considered as celebrity blogger!!
    Can't wait to read the article in full.

  5. Hi Lisa ,
    Congratulations! May I have an autograph? Thank you for your blog. When i have a craving for some kuih -muih, I always know where to go:-)
    Wow! Never knew that lemon and bicarbonate soda is able to combat oven grease.
    I am pyrolysis convert...never looked back esp the last time I scrubbed out my old oven and had to replace it because i was too enthusiastic with cleaner...♡Lina

  6. Your blog is great dear Lisa! I'm glad to stumbled by your levander biscuits :)
    Loved the whole style [photos and recipes], that's why I'm following and waiting to be taught from you!

    1. awww... thanks Katerina :D
      I am so happy to read that you enjoy coming to my kitchen :)

  7. Congrats Lisa, it seems to me that a momentum is building here!
    After my last cleaning with soda and lemon, my pots and oven still looks fairly clean : ).

    1. Thank you TasteHongKong...
      The wonders of lemon and baking soda... I used both to clean the scale (hard water residue) in the bathroom too :D

  8. Happy spring cleaning!

    My oven looks worse than yours...haha

  9. Congrats on the feature again Lisa! And thanks for the tip! I really need to give the oven a good scrub and i don't want to use any kind of chemicals too.

  10. Whoo hooo! Congrats on the feature! That's wonderful that your name is on the cover!! :)