Look!! Who is Happy in our garden....

February 24, 2009

We have been waiting for a long time for this plant.... looked everywhere... at every nursery; Bunnings, Dawsons etc .... Finally we bought the bulb from the Wanneroo market (it was in the fridge section... sold as one of the fresh spice). Picked up a good looking bulb, brought home and placed it by the windowsill. Everyday we'll moist it bit by bit...

How delighted we were... when we saw shoots coming out; slowly but surely.. sign of life!

Mr H's rendang will be as 'Authentic' as it could get... for this coming Raya ...if the kunyit plant survive... keeping fingers and toes cross.


  1. It looks so healthy. Don't forget to invite me when chee or you make the rendang kay! Why not grow galanghal as i find it so difficult to find galanghal here.

  2. Fresh galangal is easily found in woollies or market. Good idea~ will try to grow - our next project. Halia tak boleh hidup in our weather. As for the rendang... not a problem... the next round we cook..