Sunday, May 10, 2009

Japanese Curry

Japanese has simplified everything for us....even the curry paste. No grounding of spices, no blending of onion.... the only thing that requires 'hardwork' is to chop up the vegetables and most probably cut up the meat..(only if your butcher is on strike that 'unfortunate' day!!!).

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention.... another 'hardwork' is to rip open the curry paste box... and that is REAL 'hardwork' ....hahaha

Japanese Curry

  • Japanese curry pre-mix (Asian grocer or Jusco)
  • 700g Gravy beef - diced into bite size
  • 100g mushroom
  • 1 carrots - diced
  • 3 potatoes - quartered
  • 3 cups of water
Follow the instruction on the can't go wrong....

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