Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Hard Boiled Eggs

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Janet sent me an email the other day... an interesting email....boiling egg in a rice cooker??...

Fascinating and I did try ....Blimey, it is easy... just wet the kitchen towel... placed the eggs on top of the wet kitchen towel, and press the 'cook' button. The 'hot steam' will 'boil' the eggs!!

But the only set back is with my rice cooker... the eggs were 'over-cooked'. The thing is with my rice cooker... it has so many features; just to cook 'white rice', it'll take 50 minutes...

This may be a brilliant idea for the 'Malay' wedding where they give out 'Bunga Telur'.
I remembered those sisters' wedding... where 100s of boiled eggs were needed... and old folks would resort to every trick to avoid having lots of broken and damaged eggs... like wrapping the eggs up in a big piece of cloth and gently put them in a gigantic pot of boiling water.. but then the casualty rate was still high....eggs were broken and 'tak cantik'(not presentable)...

Nazrul... if you are reading this... you may want to get your mum to try with 1 dozen of eggs .....for your sister's wedding end of the year!!

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