Saturday, March 7, 2009

Off Track #1 - Holiday photos

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We had our mini break last weekend.. We drove off to Margaret River and Augusta. It was a wonderful holiday with lots to see and do....

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - Augusta

Where the 2 oceans meet ~ Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean

View from the top of the lighthouse

Magnificent Jewel Cave

Karri Forrest ~ Margaret River

Lake Cave ~ Stalagtites.....fairies playground

Lake Cave ~ hanging columns with little brook running under

Mammoth Cave ~ Margaret River

One of the Margaret River wineries

~photos courtesy of Miss E


  1. Fabulous photos. I would love to visit Margaret River again. I haven't explored Margaret River that much when i was there during my honeymoon. I especially love the caves. Did you guys have a guide there?

  2. Its beautiful... Guided tours into Lake Caves, Jewel Cave and up the Lighthouse while Mammoth Cave... self exploratory. The rest... we jalan-jalan on our own...